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Little Darkness

Lilifer Tarot *Damaged*

Lilifer Tarot *Damaged*

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Damage is common and usually occurs during transit from the factory, or in-factory as a result of improper handling and packing before dispatch. These decks have minor flaws such as a bumped corner, a small wrinkle or dent (either on the sleeve, the box or both). The cards and guidebook inside are intact.

Each deck was priced according to its condition, with 3 categories ranking from least to most damaged. Please read carefully and consult the photos before placing your order so you know what to expect, but keep in mind that you are receiving a different deck than the one pictured. I do not accept returns or exchanges. 
  • Light: one small wrinkle or bump, barely noticeable
  • Medium: two or more wrinkles or bumps, a little more visible
  • Heavy: obvious damage including wrinkling, bumps and/or tearing 



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