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Little Darkness

Reclaim Journal for iPad

Reclaim Journal for iPad

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For those who are more comfortable writing and creating on a screen, or those who are trying to reduce their use of paper products, Reclaim Journal is now available as an ebook!

This digital journal is suitable for iPad and was tested with Procreate, Good Notes & Notability. It also works with multiple creative softwares on a laptop, if you own a graphics tablet such as Wacom. 

Reclaim Oracle was intended as a bridge between the realms of mental and spiritual health. Reclaim Journal takes this intention further by holding space for personal expression. Reconnect with your inner child, your body, your story and explore a large spectrum of emotions within a safe and meaningful creative practice.

This journal was inspired by the oracle deck but can be used without it.

Journal Specs:

  • 212 Pages
  • Format: PDF

Journal Content:

  • Illustrated introduction to emotional healing
  • Instructions (how to use your journal)
  • 100 double-pages to explore a large spectrum of feelings and emotions through writing and art (two-page spreads for each emotion + more blank spreads to add your own)



What are the journal spreads like?

    1.  On the left page, you put words on your feelings. Not to worry, you are fully guided through this process with easy prompts, boxes to check, areas to color and even a pain scale. This page is fun and interactive, almost like a quiz!
    2. On the right page, you express visually what your feeling looks like. This is where your inner artist truly shines! You can be as candid or as serious as you want. You can draw, paint, write, scribble, glue photos, make a collage. This is your space and there are no rules.


How is this edition different from the previous one?

The introduction has been entirely redesigned with detailed illustrations and touches of color. I added more steps to the process to guide you better and make it easier for you to connect with your feeling experience.

Do I need Reclaim Oracle to use the journal?

You don't need the cards to journal because, if you don't own the deck, I don't want you to feel like you are missing out. However, if you have Reclaim at home, why not pull a card to inspire your journaling!

Does the journal have images of the cards?

No, the journal is a blank canvas. I didn't want to influence your creativity by saturating your space with my own work. The journal prompts are enough to walk you through an emotional connection process that triggers memories and insight.



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